Solar Design & Installation

Energy prices continue to rise, so it is no wonder that hundreds of people are making the decision to convert to Solar Powered Electricity. Ontario now offers one of the best solar incentive programs in the world. Under new legislation, every home/business owner is eligible to receive payment for electricity produced on their property and fed into the electrical grid.

  • Sunlight is a clean renewable resource
  • It is easily accessible
  • Solar energy does not damage the environment
  • Solar energy doesn’t cause harmful emissions
  • Solar energy has no deadly by products
  • In the long term, Solar energy can pay for itself
  • Energy from the sun is not subject to price increases
  • If you produce more energy than you can use, you may be able to sell it to the utility company
  • There are very few reoccurring costs with solar energy
  • Solar energy is becoming more competitive in price
  • Solar panels are easily installed and require little up keep
  • Solar panels can be used in remote locations. They don’t require a connection to a power grid
  • Solar panels operate silently and provide a long lasting source of energy
  • If you need additional panels, they are easily added.
  • Using solar panels is good for the economy

Solar power is an environmental solution to our energy crisis. It is also economical. Why not think about installing solar panels on your home or business now?

Let Chesterton Electrical Contracting help you to determine which type of solar power system will best work for you.